Tamsin Constable

What’s a story?

Remember the Wizard of Oz? What happens?

Answer 1: The events

Well, let’s think, there’s a girl in a gingham dress with a nasal voice called Dorothy, living in Kansas with her Aunt Em, and Toto her yappy ankle-biting dog. There’s a terrible tornado, and Dorothy, instead of getting flattened and putting us all out of our misery, gets whipped off up into the sky, and lands in a magical place called Oz. It’s dazzling and colourful and magical, and it frequently makes her raise her hands and ‘O’ her pouty lips in disbelief, flick her pigtails and skip. But Dorothy yearns desperately to go home. Dorothy is told that the only person who can help her is the Wizard of Oz, a local witch doctor/ fortune teller/ soothsayer/ medium/ homeopathist/ coach/ personal development guru. It’s a gruelling journey. Lots of scary things get in the way. When Dorothy finally finds him, the Wizard turns out to be all fluff and bluff. He tells her to that all she has to do is click her heels together. She does, and pops off back home to grey old Kansas and grey old Aunt Em.

Again: What happens to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz?

Answer 2: The story

Dorothy thought she needed others to solve her problem. She went on a learning journey. She discovered that she could solve it all by herself.

A story exists when something changes. It’s a powerful concept, and once you start looking, there are stories everywhere.

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