Tamsin Constable

Uniliver can’t spell

Come on Unilever! I saw your latest poster for Magnum ice-cream on the London Underground’s tracks: it stopped me dead in my own.

There’s a spelling mistake. A delicious, high-quality chocolate-covered whopper, and it shines down gloriously on the thousands of passengers that pass through Kings Cross every day.

I managed to snatch my camera out of my bag and snap this just as the tube pulled out.

Unilever can't spell

Ad for Magnum ice-cream with spelling mistake

You’ve written it’s with an apostrophe. It should be its.

With the apostrophe, the sentence in fact says: ‘It is name?’ Nonsense.

What you need here is the possessive version, which ditches the apostrophe. The ice-cream’s name? Its name?

If I see this error on a street stalls, I shrug it off. They don’t have advertising budgets, copywriters etc. But from a multi-million pound company? With a high-end product? It left me ice-cold. I pointed it out to my son (one of your future customers?)

Granted, it’s a quirky little English rule. But not knowing it shows you up no end. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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