Tamsin Constable

Manchester law firm adopts plain English

Gold star to the Manchester law firm that has just announced its commitment to plain English.

The firm realised that unnecessary jargon often prevented clients from fully understanding the documents they were signing. Staff then had to spend a lot of extra time going through the documents with clients to explain the meaning.

“Taking legal action, no matter what the reason, can be daunting and the client can already feel quite vulnerable,” said Andrew Kwan, head of litigation at Clear Law Solicitors in Old Trafford. “Anyone who has bought a house or sought damages … will know that legal documents can be complex and wordy – and that doesn’t really help anyone. Just making our client documents a little more modern, more human, and less stiff and bureaucratic has made all the difference. Clients are much more comfortable with the process now they understand what is in black and white themselves.”

Excellent. Who’s next?

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