Tamsin Constable

Hey mumbo!

As a rich and constantly evolving language, English will always enjoy fresh new mumbo jumbo. See if you can be the first to use one of the following.

Mumbo: ‘Go offline’.

Example: ‘I’m terribly busy doing xxx at the moment. Can we go offline with your request to discuss your deadlines?’

Means: I can’t be bothered to talk about this now. You’re being a pest. I want to get rid of you by pretending that we’ll get round to it later.

Mumbo: ‘Brand’

Example: ‘We booked the wrong venue for the conference. How shall we brand it?’

Means: ‘We’ve really cocked up here. What’s the best way to avoid trouble?’

Mumbo: ‘Human Capital’

Example: ‘You need to speak to Human Capital’

Means: ‘Human Resources / Personnel.’

From a fuller list compiled by Marlys Harris at CBS Money Watch.

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