Tamsin Constable

Fairy lights, Diplodocus and a cat hurl

“Forgive me yawning – I just spent the night in a bear hide.”

“Can I call you back? My son’s spotted a whale shark, and my dive-boat is waiting.”

“Can’t talk now, the chimps have discovered fire!”

Every year, I interview 40 or so wildlife photographers around the world, to write captions for the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year book. (My complimentary copies of Portfolio 18 just came through the door). The photographers get invited, as do I, to a glitzy award-ceremony and exhibition / book launch each year at London’s Natural History Museum. It’s a smart, grand event. The tables are beautifully laid out in the massive main hall, around the 26-metre-long Diplodocus skeleton, which sparkles with fairy lights. When I speak to them beforehand, the photographers are invariably passionate about what they do, and thrilled to win an award in this prestigious competition. So I usually hang up the phone feeling flattish, having heard about exotic places, exciting adventures and close-up wildlife encounters. But cheer up! There’s adventure and wildlife to be found everywhere, right?

“Must dash! A cat just threw up in my yard!”

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