Tamsin Constable

Death to Euro-jargon?

What’s your perception of the European Commission? Aloof, bureaucratic and irrelevant? If so, you’re not alone. Many people feel alienated from EU institutions. One of the main reasons for this poor image, MEPs in Strasbourg admitted this month, is over-technical language, fondly known as ‘Euro-jargon’.

Now, though, the EC is going to try to communicate better with its citizens.

On his Facebook Page, Ireland East MEP Liam Aylard writes “Communication with EU citizens must be clear, understandable and relevant. That starts first and foremost with plain language. Terms and acronymns such as ‘ECF’, ‘statutory instruments’ and ‘competences’ among others mean nothing outside the EU institutions but are widely used within.”

His hope is that good communication will help make Europe more visible at a local level. Let’s hope he’s right. If the EC cut reign in the ‘Euro-jargon’, it will help enormously to make it seem warm, approachable and above all relevant.

Heavens; it might even start sounding cuddly.

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