Tamsin Constable

Creativity? Get the right mood/ coffee/ notebook

I’ve been bitten by a new bug – a taste for expensive, quality, no-frills Moleskine notebooks. Not just because they’re such a pleasure to handle and write in, which they are, but because they will unleash awesome creative genius.

Or so the seductive marketing implies. Moleskines, it states, were used by ‘Artists, authors and geniuses of all variety,’ including Van Gogh, Picasso and Hemingway, and ‘the famed author, Bruce Chatwin’. (If he’s so famed, why mention the fact?)

The blurb goes on, “In 1998, a small Milanese publisher brought these books back for writers, artists, travelers and all free-thinkers around the globe.” Why, snakes alive, that’s me! Writer – yes! Artist – sort of! Traveller – used to be! (but with two ‘Ls’, because I’m here, not there). Free-thinker – of course! (Quick, here’s my credit card.)

So there you have it. Success has nothing to do with hard work and commitment. You just need the right notebook!

Enough, I’ve got deadlines. First, though, a coffee. Colombian, made just like Gabriel Garcia Marquez likes it.

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