Tamsin Constable

Staff training (workplace writing & plain English)

I ran a writing workshop for staff at Simple Usability  in Leeds. They found a stack of ideas for potential work blog  posts, all from a clip of an online spoof.

‘Made me realise I can write about anything! Which I’ll use to warm up for professional blog posts. Loved it!’

‘It took me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to do something different.’

‘Writing for different audiences challenged me to think about what I was trying to say.’

‘Brainstorming angles to a topic.’

‘Loved the spoof example – because it was fun, everybody was engaged and I really couldn’t wait to start writing.’

‘Group discussions gave new ideas to how a topic could be perceived.’

‘Working individually and then coming back together as a group.’

‘Engagement with everyone in the room.’

‘Writing sprints helped to get ideas flowing.’

‘Free writing – it’s a wonderful exercise.’

‘Hands on activities to get practice as the workshop progressed.’

‘5 tips – simple and easy to implement!’

‘Sad nouns and happy verbs.’

‘Understanding clear writing skills and dropping grammar rules will spice up my writing.’

‘You can start a sentence with But, So, And!’

‘Letting someone else read my work.’

‘Really clear and engaging workshop.’

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