Tamsin Constable

A jargon-busted jargon buster

Hurray for the Financial Services Authority, whose ‘Everyday Money’ series of guides covers topics such as Buying a House, Saving and Investing, and If Things Go Wrong out in Plain English.

Most of these financial products and services guides seem to have been published in the past year. This suggests that the FSA recognises that the mis-selling of financial products that caused last year’s financial chaos was caused largely by a toxic combination of hard-sell and obfuscation. (Obfuscation? Now there’s a word that does what it says on the box!)

The tagline for the series is ‘No selling. No jargon. Just the facts.’ The purpose, the FSA says, is to help people “make an informed decision”.

The guides even include a section called ‘Jargon Buster’ at the end. Good grief, they’re so hot on Plain English that they’ve even jargon-busted the word ‘Glossary’.

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