Tamsin Constable

Pensions in plain English

Baffled by pensions? Don’t really know how it works? What you might expect from the State? What happens to your pension if you die? At last, there’s a plain English overview of the current world of pensions in the UK. The maths is clear and easy to follow. Even if you think you understand pensions, reading through this is like a breath of fresh air. But then you’d expect nothing less from the folk at the Plain English Campaign.

What is ‘Finglish’ in plain English?

Keeping up the plain English pressure on financial folk, here’s a new word for you: ‘Finglish’ is the jargon-riddled English that financial folk speak. And it makes the rest of us break into a frustrated sweat. Finance people all too often talk in a way that tries to impress, rather than communicate.

A survey by Invesco of 800 investors looked at which finance words and techniques work best, and which don’t. The results (unlike Finglish) are clear as a bell. People absolutely loathe technical language.

So if you want a simple way to make your clients happier, speak in plain English. Please dump the Finglish (a phrase, in this instance, well-‘coined’.)